About Me

I am an #assistantprofessor in the Department of Geography at Texas State University. You can find me on Twitter @drcolleencmyles and at Research Gate and Academia.edu.

I am a rural geographer and political ecologist with specialties in land and environmental management; (ex)urbanization; (rural) sustainability and tourism; wine,  beer, and cider geographies (or what I like to call “fermented landscapes“); and agriculture, inclusive of urban, peri-urban, and “local”.

I am involved in a number of projects (independently, in collaboration, or as supervisor) related to environmental politics and management, rural change and sustainability, the definition and dynamics of the rural-urban interface, and the environmental, economic, and sociocultural implications of fermentation in both rural and urban places.

I advise students in the Master of Applied Geography, Master of Science in Geography, and PhD in Geography as well as Masters of Sustainability students at Texas State University. These students, and others whom I work with closely, are organized into the Myles Lab Group.

I teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate level at Texas State, including courses on: Environmental Management, Cultural and Political Ecology, Land Management, Managing Urbanization, Research Techniques and Design, Rural Sustainability, and the Geography of Food and Agriculture. I also lead an off-campus course every other summer to central Italy called “TXST to Tuscany”.

In addition, I serve on several internal (Texas State) committees and volunteer in leadership roles with several professional organizations, like the American Association of Geographers’  Rural Geography Specialty Group (RGSG) (Southwest representative and Rural Networking Chair), the Enhancing Diversity Committee (member), and the Wine, Beer, Spirits Specialty Group (WBSSG) (vice-president), as well as intermittent/ad hoc work with the Southwest American of Association of Geographers (SWAAG).